practical development

All new designs are developed to ensure easy transition to final bulk production and we always seek to ensure that we ‘engineer out’ potential problems at this early stage. Our Chemists are continuously working with our supply chain to find and develop new and innovative techniques.



We fully appreciate the challenges of global competition; we understand the need for commitment to communication, delivery, quality and the need for flexibility in a rapidly changing market.



We accept that customers know and understand their market. We take a practical and pro-active approach, always ready to accommodate customer requirements. We know our customers demand quality and service and we strive to always meet their expectations.

Suppy Chain

Suppy Chain

Like our customers we demand only the best from our supply chain. We recognize that quality and service sometimes comes at a price and to that end we only use reputable and proven providers of machines and materials. We work closely with all of our supplies and share our knowledge and experience to ensure processes and products are continually improving and developing


We recognize that innovation and creativity is the key to our future. We continuously scour the world for new systems that we can develop and adapt to create new and exciting garments for our customers.



Our driving philosophy is to nurture people and create an environment where individuals can excel and take pride in producing excellence in all they do.

We understand excellence, it is part of our DNA which was handed down by our business partners who have embraced the entrepreneurial spirit and grown large businesses over many years.

The pursuit of excellence is shared by our partners and we work relentlessly with our supply chain to ensure we always produce a premium, ethically sound product.

Enduring passion and persistence in driving excellence by nurturing people into champions and empowering them to be exceptional in their jobs has been our driving philosophy in achieving success.


Our printing and embellishment processes are designed to meet the highest environmental standards. We continuously review our procedures and processes to ensure that we are up to date with any new legislation. Additionally our investment programmes always take our environmental responsibilities into account.

We are committed to ensuring that we meet the highest ethical standards for all employees. And we are passionate about developing our people through effective training and personal guidance, support and assistance.

We recognize that we work within a community and it is essential that we engage with that community across a variety of outreach programmes designed to meet their needs.

We take our responsibilities very seriously and will always strive to ensure we minimize our impact on the environment and the society in which we work.

At Hi Fashion we take our responsibility to the planet, "our employees and the Community in which we operate as one of our core commitments."