Hi Fashion Holdings was established in 2004 with the idea of being a major contributor to the garment industry by adding print/embellishments to clothing exported from Sri Lanka. Our business services the creative requirements of clothing retailers worldwide.

A joint venture with Hirdaramani Group. We have strived through our partnership to expand our services to other Apparel manufactures in Sri Lanka.

We always seek to create added value, whether it be simply adding brand logos or by focusing on current fashion trends. We continuously look at new systems and processes to excite and energize the market – often combining various forms of garment decoration.

In order to ensure that our embellishments meet customers’ expectations we rigorously test new and existing systems to make sure that we meet any standards set on an ongoing basis.

We value our rich culture of sharing knowledge with our customers. We believe that innovation and creativity must be nurtured and personal development and team building are a fundamental part of our philosophy. We will continue to grow our business in an ethical environment with honesty and integrity as we move forward to craft new and innovative products.

Sustainability is our primary goal and guides our culture, values, working disciplines and corporate responsibilities. It goes without saying that protecting the environment that we live in, assisting the communities close to us and empowering our employees will ensure we are laying strong foundations for the future.

We want to work with our customers as partners to create products that will excite and inspire end users and drive mutual benefits that ensure a future for us all.




Established factory in Marahagama

Established in 2004 to print and embellish garments manufactured in Sri Lanka destined for worldwide export.



Moved to Homagama

Company was moved to a new, larger factory to allow expansion as increased capacity was required.



Expanded capacity

In 2010 Hi Fashion invested in new state of the art automatic machine increasing capacity to some 60,000 pieces per day.



Overseas investment in Vietnam

In 2015 a joint venture with Fashion Garments Limited invested in a purpose built state of the art printing and embellishment operation in Vietnam.



Further expansion in Sri Lanka

In 2016 Hi Fashion laid the foundation for a second factory on it Homagama site. When fully operational in 2017 it will double our capacity and establish HI Fashion as the biggest screen printing facility in Sri Lanka.